Monday, April 11, 2011

We're on the Move...Again

This week I'm packing up and moving out for the fifteenth time in fifteen years. Eight of these fifteen moves have been made with my handsome attorney. Six of them have happened when we had kids in tow. Two happened while I was pregnant. You get the picture. We move A LOT. At first our moves were due to the fact that Jason was from a real estatae family, and buying and selling is just what real estate families do. Well, what we real estate families used to do before the market turned on us and bit us in our unprepared rears. I never minded the change because I get bored and restless very easily, and moving always seemed exciting for me. We moved down here out of a necessity that turned into a wonderful blessing, but I knew going into our current house it was only temporary.  It was simply the best we could find with two weeks' notice.

When we settled into our life in Savannah, I started to become keenly aware that my kids might not share the same sense of adventure I have when it comes to feeling settled. They need a home at this point--not just a house. They're in big-kid school now, so staying in the district is important for their stability and friendships they've formed. Having four kids has provided me with quite the adventure, but moving with four kids has proved to suck, for lack of a better word. Basically it's time for me to tame my restlessness and channel it into something different and healthier for my kiddos.

I hope with this latest move to put away my packing tape and take U-Haul's 1-800 number off my contact list. We're headed to a great house in a great neighborhood, so I know it's time to be a grown-up and become more "settled." I'm lucky to have fantastic friends who have come through for me during my first move without our family's help. I know Jason's gaggle of brothers-in-law are feeling they dodged a bullet now that we're too far away to enlist their brute strength. I did cheat a little and ask my dad and stepmom to come for a portion of the move, but I know my dad is ready to hang up his work boots after this relocation. For everyone's sake, I hope I can pour all of my excess energy into writing and maybe another adventurous hobby. I hear knitting is fun.

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