Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's Murphy's Law when a mom brags like I recently did that I rarely catch the cooties that fate will soon set out to disprove my theory that I have become immune to most illnesses. Last night I developed sidelining nausea that sent me to bed before midnight (this almost never happens) and left me struggling to crawl out of the covers this morning and get my little ones off to school.

I did experience a moment of amusement when Jason asked me if I needed time to get myself dressed. "No," I told him plaintively. I happen to think my ratty hair and wrinkled T-shirt make the grade for venturing outside the walls of this house. To humor him I put on a baseball cap. I'm sure by now most other moms have learned to honor a two foot parameter of distance.

I'm sitting here watching Scout relish a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and waiting for the zoo crew to descend upon the house from their playdate. It's time to gather my wits and get ready for action because moms don't get to go down when there are adorably loud, endearingly dependent little guys and gals in need of our time.

Disclaimer: It occurred to me as soon as I published this post that most people would assume a mom of four kids sidelined with nausea is about to enjoy the blessing of a fifth little one. No worries--I just caught a stomach bug from my husband. Unless he's pregnant and it's contagious, our brood stands firm at four.

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