Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breaking News! Rock Star Super Dad Earns Brownie Points

Our life has just enough drama right now to keep things interesting without making it overwhelming. Today was a great day riddled with just a bit of insanity. Jason was an awesome motivator in getting our reluctant family out the door to church this morning, and of course I was so thankful we were there once we actually made it. Our faith is a huge part of what helped us make the move here, and our new church home gives me just the right jumpstart when I feel like my life is starting to veer into oncoming traffic.

After church Jason whipped up a delicious batch of grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches complete with a side of Doritos. Even without considering that any meal I don't have to cook is a darn good meal, he actually makes a mean sandwich. With full bellies we ventured out into the neighborhood for a bike ride.

My patience is always strained when we are ever so bold as to attempt The Family Bike Ride. Lawson's little legs can't keep up with his big brothers, Camden always has at least two bike wrecks, Hudson feels the need to stop every fifteen feet to "rest," and Scout has developed a habit of lifting my shirt and pulling at the waist band of my pants. And you know, I'm just not really ready to show all of my neighbors my lower back and the top of my underwear. A stop at the duck pond ensured soggy shoes from getting too close to the edge and a wet, stinky Labrador shaking the water out of her fur just as she manuevered into the middle of where we were all gathered. On a sidenote, Libby the Farting Dog is so fat that it's quite entertaining to see her swimming out in the pond like a big, black manatee.

Today's adventures were capped off by a trip to the carwash, which the kids always love. We were due back at church at 6:00, after which I planned to prepare a scrumptious chicken and pasta dish for dinner. Instead, Jason locked his keys in the truck, and we ate Little Caesar's pizza in the parking lot while we waited for the locksmith.

I know I'm lucky because some people would find the unplanned, inconvenient snags in our day frustrating, and instead, I usually I find mishaps like these hilarious and entertaining. Not always, but usually. I'm so thankful for each and every crazy moment, and the two hours we spent at the carwash were actually the best quality time I had with the kids the whole day. Of course, this may be because they were restrained in their carseats and unable to engage in any monkey business beyond the length of space their arms and legs could stretch, but I'll take what I can get.

My husband was the epitome of patience tonight. I understand this particular phenomenon is likely because he was the one who locked the keys in the truck and not me (believe me, I'm as surprised as you are), but he was still a rock star. All in all I can honestly say I hope tomorrow is half as cool as today was.

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