Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Boy Joy

Over the next four months, I'll be trying to prepare myself emotionally to send all three of my beautiful boys to big kid school. Camden, Hudson, and Lawson challenge me more than anyone else ever has, but I wouldn't trade one tantrum (or CT scan) for the joy they've brought me. The only Jones luckier than me or Jason is Scout because she has three brothers who love her fiercely and who will make her childhood one of the most entertaining imaginable.

Little Boy Joy

The day we discovered
A little boy we would hold
My heart filled with excitement
I saw a bright future unfold

You came into the world
So healthy and strong
All the love in my heart
To you now belonged

You grew and you grew
Learning new things each day
So much to discover
And soooo much to say

Now my house is a landfill
Of toy cars and trucks
We’ve had a few X-rays
You’ve cost us some bucks

You wrestle your dad
You throw tantrums for mom
I take many deep breaths
And try to stay calm

You break from destruction
When it’s time to refuel
Then it’s right back to mayhem
And breaking the rules   

Dirt is a preference
For paint and for play
My laundry’s a mountain
I do four loads a day

No one could prepare me
For what was in store
There’s food on the windows
There’s pee on the floor

Bath time is like torture
Brushing teeth takes a bribe
Those drawers on your head
Should be on your backside

As the mom of a boy
There are things I now know
Like gas is just funny
No matter how old you grow

A burp of great magnitude
Deserves a high five
Followed by an “excuse me”
For good manners we strive
In all of the madness
There’s incredible joy
No one loves Mama
Like my sweet little boy

I get the best snuggles
And all your best art
You draw me so pretty
With my name in a heart

I know I am lucky
You make me so proud
I’ll try and hide heartbreak
When you say “No girls allowed!”

You brighten my life
More and more every day
Little boy joy is awesome
What more can I say?


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