Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dumb Fight Award

We have a little award we give in our house on a regular basis. It's called the Dumb Fight Award. It can be bestowed upon any and all members of our household for a number of infractions ranging from petty bickering (is not...is too...is not...is too) to knock down dragout screaming matches over whether the talking Woody doll says "One-Eyed Bart" or "One-Eyed Dart." Tonight, I humbly accept the Dumb Fight Award on behalf of myself and my husband, who couldn't be present right now because he is stubbornly avoiding me in an effort to prove a point.

What, pray tell, was our game winning strategy to earn this magnificent honor? It was apparently so incredibly dumb I can't even remember its inception. That kind of stupidity takes real, very raw talent. I do seem to recall debating which one of us works harder and a very serious analysis of our unfulfilled needs for something along the lines of accolades and praise from the other for the jobs we do. Well, I concede. We both work very hard at very different types of jobs. We should each bestow our very deserving partners with a medal AND a cookie. Case dismissed--but not before we earned ourselves the coveted prize of Dumb Fight Award. Our kids will be so proud.

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